Saturday, January 21, 2006

some of you will know me from the past - I have Djed at all sorts of local clubs - Charles Street, what was the Fez club, The Corporation doing the Bob Marley Commemoration and a night called St Tropez, as well as the infamous Shush @ .zero (Now the Plug), as well as various appearances @ nights down at the Earl - I was one of the Promoters of and Dj's @ Spannered - playing breaks, from funky through to dark,dirty and acid, Aromatiq - where I played broken beats, nujazz, nusoul, liquid and the like
I have been known to play a full range of reggae and ska, as well as fractured beats, acid jazz, various odd bits of house, soul, funk and so on

I am looking forward to playing @ Technoir - down at the Earl some time soon, where I will be playing old warp stuff, the dark, dirty and sometimes quirky and fractured stuff they seem to like
Cactus - Spacehopper will be a breaks set from funky to dirty
Expansion should be a two set affiar - dancehall and then breaks
I am hoping to put on some more of the broken beat stuff as well as a reggae night sometime soon


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