Wednesday, February 22, 2006

technoir and more news

well I sort of played @ technoir - unfortunately thanks to technical problems I was reduced to one deck - but I made the best of it
hopefully there will be a new push and move on from all of the technoir guys
we are hoping to have a tour organized fairly soon which will encompass parts of Asia and the MIddle East
the next time round could bring two decks at least

still ...
other news -
any promoters out there who want some help with their promotions
get in touch
I am offering up promotional services at very good rates
I have a huge list of sites, message boards and listings opportunities plus contacts
I will do the donkey work - leaving you with more chance to have fun with the night
there is other help available as well
graphic deisgn for your flyers and posters from others in the not so office, as well as web development work
have a look at the site

promotional services!

DJ services!


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