Saturday, January 21, 2006

some of you will know me from the past - I have Djed at all sorts of local clubs - Charles Street, what was the Fez club, The Corporation doing the Bob Marley Commemoration and a night called St Tropez, as well as the infamous Shush @ .zero (Now the Plug), as well as various appearances @ nights down at the Earl - I was one of the Promoters of and Dj's @ Spannered - playing breaks, from funky through to dark,dirty and acid, Aromatiq - where I played broken beats, nujazz, nusoul, liquid and the like
I have been known to play a full range of reggae and ska, as well as fractured beats, acid jazz, various odd bits of house, soul, funk and so on

I am looking forward to playing @ Technoir - down at the Earl some time soon, where I will be playing old warp stuff, the dark, dirty and sometimes quirky and fractured stuff they seem to like
Cactus - Spacehopper will be a breaks set from funky to dirty
Expansion should be a two set affiar - dancehall and then breaks
I am hoping to put on some more of the broken beat stuff as well as a reggae night sometime soon

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

yes i am the good looking one

the one with the beard

contact me


This is the new personal site of Silverback - the Dj and promoter you will know from the Earl in Sheffield, Spannered and Aromatiq
Come and say hello
News will be posted as and when it comes available

You will be able to see me @ Cactus Feb 4th - I am playing @ Space hopper

Further dates include April 7th - The Earl playing @ Expansion